Zhampa travels the German way

Yesterday I finished the raw translation of “The trouble with wisdom“, a novel by Thomas Henry Pope. Its German title has not yet been determined; that will be discussed later. The thing is definitely worth reading, otherwise I wouldn’t have picked up the task.

I also received a couple of proofing copies of my previous two works (Greer, Star’s Reach & Quinn, The Story Of B) the publication of which has not yet happened due to legal issues. I warmly recommend reading them as well 

Today I was in another meeting with BOSS (not the company) which went unexpectedly well, though they couldn’t resist trying to intimidate my companion, which basically means that they didn’t believe us. That’s fine; take the next step and get your fingers burnt. At least I didn’t have to read them from my original 1948 Edition of the “Universal declaration of human rights” that was sitting in my bag –just in case.

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2 Replies to “Zhampa travels the German way”

  1. Good Morning, Jurgen,

    Believe it or not I have just discovered your blog. I have much reading to do to catch up with you.

    A low bow to your persistence.

  2. You are so welcome, and I appreciate your comments.
    Many of the 2016 blogs have also been postet on FB. Saves time for your own writing 😉 What about some follow-up huffing?

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