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Satanism is not what most have been trained to think it is. […] The word ‘Satan’ comes from Hebrew, and means adversary or enemy. In the esoteric context, the original Hebrew word can be taken to mean an adversary to the Christ consciousness – nothing to do with the figure of Jesus, but instead concerned with humans accessing higher levels of consciousness and re-connecting to the divine source from which we all emanate. The concept of Jesus and other messianic figures are symbolic of this alchemical process. Satanism stands as the absolute antithesis of humans achieving this, seeking instead to keep them grounded in base consciousness, attached to the ego and all the material trappings of this physical plane. Given that the thoughts of the majority of people in the world today – from the moment they get up in the morning to the moment they go to bed at night – are concerned solely with what they themselves want or need right here and now, without a single consideration towards the wellbeing of others, most people can be said to have been manipulated by society into becoming [de-facto] Satanists. It’s a statement that will horrify many and bring instant denial, but it doesn’t stop it from being true. Are my immediate and personal needs, whims and desires taken care of right here and now? Am I all OK? Yes? Well then, what else in the Universe could possibly matter? That’s Satanism.

— Mark Devlin, Musical Truths

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