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Touring the world’s churches, art galleries, castles, and museums cannot prepare you for this experience. The severed heads in the galleries of Venice and Milano, the molten lead poured into the mouths of those who disagreed with French kings, the drawings of wretched poverty, the frescoes of war, the murder of infants are common themes, and European and Asian cultures are suffused with violence and war. Yet here on a green mountain overlooking the Pacific [Gulaga Mountain, New South Wales], a different world was imagined. And not just imagined, but lived [by the Yuin people].


its principle and its ethos are variations on a single theme — continuity, constancy, balance, symmetry, regularity …

One of the most striking things is that there are no great conflicts over power, no great contests for place and office. This single fact explains much else, because it rules out so much that is destructive of stability … There are no wars of invasion to seize territory. They do not enslave each other. There is no master-servant relation. There is no class division. There is no property or income inequality. The result is a homeostasis, far-reaching and stable.

— Bruce Pascoe: Dark Emu

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