March 15th is Youtube Suicide Day

On a personal note – please share widely.

When my third video within four months has been deleted by Youtube on December 29th, 2021, I really had enough. I decided that I am going to walk away from corporate censorship. I could of course simply switch off my channel but that doesn‘t solve the problem that most of my connections – subscribers, frequent watchers, favourite channels – are going to get lost. But what if we all moved out of Censorship Hell into Information Heaven at the same time? What if that moment was not something to be dreaded but rather an event which we could look forward to as one big explosive moment of fun?

Here is how it could work.

  1. Establish a video channel on Rumble, BitChute, Odysee or any of the many other alternatives to Youtube. From then on, upload content only to that new channel.
  2. Stop posting valuable content on Youtube. Offer several snippets which point to the full information on your new channel. Use the snippets’ end screen and show notes to invite folks to your new channel.
  3. The first of those snippets should be a recording in which you explain that you are going to close your channel on March 15th, 2022, by way of Youtube Suicide. Instead of your own you could also share my original video or the announcement of someone else. Explain that you‘ve had enough of censorship and that you are looking forward to seeing your friends, subscribers, followers and casual watchers on the other side, i.e. the platform of your choice. Don‘t forget to give the address in the film and/or in the show notes. Encourage everyone to join the Youtube Suicide Club and to do the same thing.
  4. Share your Youtube Suicide announcement at the earliest on all your social media accounts (fb, twitter, telegram, gettr, blogger, what have you) and ask your friends to share it in turn, even if they wouldn‘t commit to join in. Inform also various web magazines of your intention and speak to your real-life community.
  5. On March 15th, 2022, upload – in quick succession! – at least four short videos which violate the YT community guidelines heavily. The safest and most ethical way is through “Medical Misinformation”, such as provided by David E. Martin, Vladimir Zelenko, America’s Frontline Doctors, or the Corona Investigative Committee for example. Use preferrably stuff that has been deleted before. On that same day, Youtube will respond with a warning and three “strikes”, the third of which is immediately deadly – they’ll delete your account. The response might happen within minutes; that’s why all four uploads need to complete within a very short time. Don’t bother with show notes, tags or any of the other options. If the first strike hits you before all videos are up you’re merely blocked for one week rather than deplatformed.

[Title image: Caricature from “Leuchtturm”, critical of the censorship attempts in 1847. One year after its publication a revolution broke out. The Caption says, “Sweet holy censorship / let us walk in thy track. / By thy hand do guide us all / like children in the bridle!”]

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