How many scientists does it take to change the World?

Even if signing petitions, voting for the right guy, or replacing light bulbs were working, the monstrous amount of things going “wrong” today should make it obvious that fighting each and every one of them separately is simply not an option. Nor will the attempt of global control do any good. Both build upon the same dysfunctional foundation.

Most people never ask the question why there is such a lot of trouble around in the first place, why so much is in disarray, is falling apart, is going to waste, is deteriorating or being destructed, why all those disasters, misfortunes, calamities, sorrows and adversities are happening at the same time. Those who are aware of it normally come to see the usual suspects, greed and money, at the root of everything – which is already a step into the right direction, though there are levels way deeper than these.

Some ask, “Why is nobody doing anything about…” you name [it], and, ironically, the answer to that is the very same that can be given to the first question, the one that’s rarely ever put. What comes up when one is inquiring down to a relevant depth may seem both ineffective and at the same time way too big to be handled by any one person, yet I found that it is much easier than it seems, and it may well be the only feasible path there is – apart from letting things sorting themselves out; because in the end, they always will… dissolve.

Eisenstein sees a fundamental disconnectedness at the root of it all, a disconnectedness that prevents people from acting from love, care, courage, and commitment. “But where does such love, care, courage, and commitment come from?”, he writes. “It can only come from personal relationship to the damage being suffered.”
Now, if that is so – and I hold that it is – then that which is the cause of disconnectedness needs to be looked at thoroughly, in order to arrive at decisive action. From my view there is no replacement for this kind of understanding, and it cannot be faked or emulated.

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