Plot 278/6 – Dropping Thought Bombs on an Intentional Commune in India

by Jürgen.
transl. from the German original, “Mullai Yelle” 105p.
1st publ. 2019

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© Creative Commons 4.0, 2016

Plot 278/6 is a collection of anecdotes stemming from my move to a farm in India. Each reveals a larger context, which combines both the frog and bird view on existence. This farm I am living in today has taught me what is important in life and how to act to fulfill that vision. And what I have noticed and learned in my years here drove me to write this book. Only recently a friend of mine made me aware ot the American poet Robert Frost who wrote, “I took the path less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.” I might have spent less time, back then, being afraid of possible negative consequences, but in the end I have dared to be different and I have no reason to be sorry for that. Now I encourage you to place yourself in suitable company that allows you to listen to your heart and to arrange your life accordingly.

Auroville’s Roots in Natural Law – An Exploration in Four Parts

by Jürgen Hornschuh.
1st publ. 2023

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Freedom and its Correct Use, At the Service of Truth: Natural Law and Auroville, The Anti-Thesis of Auroville, Exploring the Problem of Evil.

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