Campbell’s Fab Store A Beat Lies Novel

by George Paxton.
transl. from the German original, “Käferplage” 251p..
1st publ. 2023


© Creative Commons 4.0, 2023

Zach Ziegler, a private detective, and his daughter Veronica try to uncover the secrets of an obscure Liverpool music band, whose creative handling of the truth is still causing confusion even fifty years after its dissolution. Nothing is as it seems, even if you pay no attention to rumors, fan fiction, speculation and conspiracy theories. Every time the author tried to establish “the official story”, it ended with the question, “Which of the official stories?”

And so the hero of this crime thriller, who merely wanted to take over his stepbrother’s legacy, finds himself thrown into a quagmire that only seems to get deeper with every attempt at fact-finding. A manuscript that was thought to have disappeared (and has now really disappeared), a bustling (but now dead) antiques dealer and a gang of aging (albeit eternally immature) music lovers keep his mind occupied until, exasperated, he asks Dr. Robert for help. But he is also playing his own game…

Plot 278/6 – Dropping Thought Bombs on an Intentional Commune in India

by Jürgen.
transl. from the German original, “Mullai Yelle” 105p.
1st publ. 2019

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© Creative Commons 4.0, 2016

Plot 278/6 is a collection of anecdotes stemming from my move to a farm in India. Each reveals a larger context, which combines both the frog and bird view on existence. This farm I am living in today has taught me what is important in life and how to act to fulfill that vision. And what I have noticed and learned in my years here drove me to write this book. Only recently a friend of mine made me aware ot the American poet Robert Frost who wrote, “I took the path less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.” I might have spent less time, back then, being afraid of possible negative consequences, but in the end I have dared to be different and I have no reason to be sorry for that. Now I encourage you to place yourself in suitable company that allows you to listen to your heart and to arrange your life accordingly.

Auroville’s Roots in Natural Law – An Exploration in Four Parts

by Jürgen Hornschuh.
1st publ. 2023

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© Creative Commons 4.0, 2022

Freedom and its Correct Use, At the Service of Truth: Natural Law and Auroville, The Anti-Thesis of Auroville, Exploring the Problem of Evil.

The German Corona Investigative Committee.

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